Telecoms Connect 2017

27th of April 2017 | EWERK, Berlin

Leading telecoms and Google executives came together in April 2017 to imagine the communications ecosystem of tomorrow.



  • David Abecassis

    David Abecassis


  • Dario Betti

    Dario Betti

    Director Product and Services Development, MTS

  • Carlo d'Asaro Biondo

    Carlo d'Asaro Biondo

    President Strategic Relationships EMEA, Google

  • Mike Blanche

    Mike Blanche

    Manager Strategic Relationships Telecoms EMEA, Google

  • Ismail Butun

    Ismail Butun

    CMO, Turkcell

  • Andy Chang

    Andy Chang

    Senior Product Manager, Cloud Security & Risk, Google

  • Jason Choy

    Jason Choy

    Head of Communications Business Development, Google

  • Herminio De Faria

    Herminio De Faria

    Director of IPTV Products, Bouygues Telecom

  • Alexandre Fernandes

    Alexandre Fernandes

    Director Global Alliances Partnerships, Telefonica

  • Akihito Fujii

    Akihito Fujii

    General Manager Cloud Services Planning Department, KDDI Corporation

  • Francois Girodolle

    Francois Girodolle

    IoT Platform Partnerships, Google

  • Vivek Gupta

    Vivek Gupta

    Director Network Partnerships, Google

  • Onur Guven

    Onur Guven

    Head of Mobile Payment Services, Turkcell

  • Sven Heistermann

    Sven Heistermann

    Director Strategic Relationships Telecoms EMEA, Google

  • Philipp Justus

    Philipp Justus

    VP Central Europe, Google

  • Frank Kohl-Boas

    Frank Kohl-Boas

    Head of HR North and Central Europe, Google

  • Turkka Koivu

    Turkka Koivu

    Director Sales Online Channel, Elisa

  • Anne Laurenson

    Anne Laurenson

    Director Android Partnerships Southern Europe, Russia and Middle East, Google

  • Megan Mackh

    Megan Mackh

    Global Head of Cloud Telco Partnerships, Google

  • Per Mattiasson

    Per Mattiasson

    Head of Core Communication Services, Telenor Group

  • Daniel Meredith

    Daniel Meredith

    VP Global Strategic Partnerships, Deutsche Telekom

  • Vikram Natarajan

    Vikram Natarajan

    Strategic Partner Development & Global Distribution Lead, Daydream, Google

  • Antonio Oliver

    Antonio Oliver

    New Technologies & Innovation Manager, Vodafone

  • Heather Thompson Rivera

    Heather Thompson Rivera

    Director YouTube Product Partnerships, Google

  • Sonja Stahor

    Sonja Stahor

    Head of eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Hrvatski Telekom

  • Marianne Stroehmann

    Marianne Stroehmann

    Director Sales Germany, Google

  • Richard Turner

    Richard Turner

    Director Android Platform Partnerships EMEA and LATAM, Google

  • Christian Witt

    Christian Witt

    Head of Product Partnerships & Planning EMEA, Google